JANUARY 2, 2016

January 2nd was a bit of a stinker. Cold, damp and a breeze.

 Still and all, 7 shooters showed up.

 A short meeting was held and the safety meeting time for Feb, Mar, and April was moved to 10AM.

 Jim Johnson (Noz)

14733 Business 60

Verona, Mo 65769


February 6 2016


I didn't have too high of hopes for a turn out for the February shoot.

 Barely comfortable temperatures and lots of competition from other clubs.

 Wrong again!

 22 shooters and they were ready to shoot!

 Swede had six stages set, including a new Unnamed 4th stage Mostly simple but included a few twists that caused a scattering of Ps.

 How's this for speed?

The first 3 shooters averaged:

Willie Mescal – 19.03/stage (clean)

Billy Broncstomper – 19.13/stage (clean)

Greasy Creek Slim - 20.33/stage and that was including 3 misses (without the misses - 17.83/stage)

 We had an awkward shooter number with 18 to start the first stage which is just too few for 2 posses but by the time the stage was finished we had 22 which would have made 2 small posses. As a result it took a while to get every one shot.

 The benefit of the big posse was that everyone had a chance to catch up with their friends about the winter.

 The March and April shoots will have the 10AM shooter meeting so everyone should have time to get here so we can get the posses broken down a little better.

 The wind was not helpful for the smoke shooters. Most of it blew back in the shooters face.

 Don't forget we are starting into the spring glut of Annual shoots with a lot of enjoyable shoots available.

 Next shoot will be March 5th 2016




March 2106


Nineteen shooters chose to spend their day with the Ozark Posse. Could not have designed a better day Warm but not too warm. A little breeze but for the smokers a little more would have been welcome.

 Range has been redesigned for speed. Targets have been moved in to SASS distances. Some people were thrilled, others not so much.

 Scores were blazingly fast with Willy Mescal coming out on top.

Silent Thunder shot fast and had the only CLEAN MATCH of the day.

Swede and Shirley had workd on some of the stages that were showing their age. Looked good.

Several Shooters are going to “Hell on the Border” at Fort Smith Arkansas.

LeadSlingers shoot next Saturday and SMR Old Coots shoot on Wed the 16th,